7/12 Ferfar Know the Procedure and Details

Waht is a Ferfar? Ferfar means making changes in Satbara Utara. When one person sold any land to another person then that time they have to do ferfar in satbara utara to change the owner’s name. also, you can do ferfar to correct the mistakes in satbara. Form of Ferfar (नमुना नं.4) Where & How … Read more

Difference between Without Signed 7/12 & Digitally Signed 7/12

In this article, we will show you the Difference between Without Signed 7/12 and Digital Signed 7/12. When we have to use and how we can get them online. so, let’s get started. Without Signed 7/12 Without Signed 7/12 Don’t have Signature. and we can use this Satbara only for Information Purpose. but information available … Read more