Mahabhulekh ७/१२ (Satbara Utara & 8A) – Digital SatBara

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What is a Mahabhulekh Portal?

Mahabhulekh is a Land Record Portal of Government of Maharashtra. In other words where citizens can check their land details online. This Mahabhulekh Portal provides SatBara Utara online.

What is a Satbara Utara?

Most importantly Satbara Utara is Extract/Document from the register maintained by the revenue department of Maharashtra. Satbara Utara gives Information about Owner Name, Survey Number and Area of Land. This Extract mostly used at the time of Buying or Selling any Land.

७/१२ उतारा आँँनलाइन कसा पहावा?

(Procedure to check SatBara Utara Details on Mahabhulekh Portal)

Step 1 : Official Site/Portal अधिकृत वेबसाइट/पोटॆल वर जा

Firstly, you have to visit the official portal of Government of Maharashtra. This portal provides Satbara Utara Details online. In short, you can check land details online by giving basic details.

Step 2 : Select Division/District विभाग/जिल्हा निवडा

Secondly, you have to select the Division or District. Where is your Land is Situated? Click on your District from the Map or Select your Division from the List.

Following are the Division of Maharashtra State :

  • अमरावती (Amravati)
  • औरंगाबाद (Aurangabad)
  • कोकण (Kokan)
  • नागपुर (Nagpur)
  • नाशिक (Nashik)
  • पूणे (Pune)

Step 3 : Fill the Details माहिती भरा

Now It’s time to Fill Details about Land where is your Land situated. give the basic details like a District, Taluka, Area similarly shown in the image. You can Find Satbara Utara on Mahabhulekh Portal by Survey Number and Full Name of Owner. at the last moment give your Mobile Number.

पहिले नाव,  मधील नाव,  आडनाव,  संपूर्ण नाव किंवा सर्वे नंबर / गट नंबर,  अक्षरी सर्वे नंबर / गट नंबर या द्वारे तूम्ही सातबारा शोधू शकता.

Step 4 : Capthca/OTP कँपच्या/ओ.टी.पी

You have to solve the captcha and give the OTP Number that you will receive on your Mobile Number. Solving the captcha and giving a mobile number is mandatory to see your Satbara on Mahabhulekh.

Capthca and OTP

Step 5 : View Satbara Utara ७/१२ उतारा बघा

After verifying the OTP as a result you can see Satbara Utara will appear on your Screen. Now you can check the required Information and also can verify the Land Details. To Clarify this is a without signed 7/12. So, follow above all steps to check satbara utara.

Without Signed Satbara

सुचना: विना स्वाक्षरीतील ७/१२ उतारा कोणत्याही शासकीय अथवा कायदेशीर बाबींसाठी वापरता येणार नाही.

Notice: without signed 7/12 Utara can’t be used for any legal or official purpose.

In Conclusion: Official site of Mahabhulekh Portal is This Portal Provide a Satbara Utara Details online but, this Satbara is Without Signed 7/12.

Final Words: So, Hope you Find this Mahabhulekh article Helpful Comment if you are facing any problem.

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